Yesterday Google made the Google Business View program more prominent to the public by announcing a new way to find businesses that have an interior walk-through tour on Google Maps.  Now when you click and drag “Pegman” onto the map like you would to use Streetview, you will see orange markers that identify places you can walk around inside.  When you drop Pegman onto the marker, you’ll be transported inside.

Pegman in action: Drop him on the orange dots to get 360 degree interior views of participating businesses

Now try it out in Tulsa. Make sure that you are zoomed in 500 ft or closer (look at the measurement in the lower left corner) – the orange dots do not appear otherwise. For this map, I’ve got one business’s profile pulled up already (it’s tour is about to be published), and you can see another orange dot on the east side of the river.  Pegman doesn’t come in an embedded map, so please click the “View Larger Map” to find the orange dots.

View Larger Map

How many dots can you find? Do you have a place in Tulsa that you would like people to visit from Google Maps? If so, leave a message.

Finally, here’s the new commercial Google released to announce interior business panoramas to the public.