What is Look Inside Tulsa about?

Look Inside Tulsa helps people better own their businesses and homes in a rapidly changing world full of amazing opportunities and unpredictable threats.  We develop new techniques for presenting information to others and then offer these innovations to you if our service can help you do better what you do best.  Look Inside Tulsa combines new technology and traditional, rock-solid commitments.  Too many companies prey on others to sustain their values and livelihoods; for Look Inside Tulsa, your good is our value and our livelihood.

Look Inside Tulsa operates by one core value: only people are eternal.  All other considerations are secondary when we make decisions about how to conduct business.

Why Should I Hire Look Inside Tulsa?

We strive to be a company you can trust and provide results you can be proud of.  Here are some reasons for hiring Look Inside Tulsa:

  • Look Inside Tulsa always uses high dynamic range photography.  This feature means that our photography looks clear and natural at an efficient price and faster shooting time.
  • Look Inside Tulsa offers transparency.  We give clear information about features and cost, and we deliver what we set out to do.  If you are not satisfied with the result, we will return any payments above the initial deposit and provide a code to receive 50% off a new order.
  • Look Inside Tulsa is a forward-thinking company.  We will not recommend or provide a service that is substandard compared to competitors or produce a result that won’t work well for you in the foreseeable future.
  • Look Inside Tulsa fits its services to your business and not the other way around.  We will ask questions to understand your current needs and assemble a solution from our wide range of options that is customized for you.  Look Inside Tulsa has experience in many industries and knows a little about a lot.  We welcome your ideas.  What is your vision, and where are you in achieving it?
  • Look Inside Tulsa treats others the way we want to be treated.  Tell us what a business can do to be refreshing, and there’s a good chance we can work toward that goal.  What are your ideas?

Who Works At Look Inside Tulsa?

Jared Buswell is an interactive designer and photographer who started Look Inside Tulsa to help Tulsa homeowners and businesses.  He moved here from Milwaukee to attend Oral Roberts University and graduated with a multimedia production degree in 2005, with minors in music, writing, philosophy, and math.  After teaching and producing new technology solutions for four years at ORU, Jared left to start Look Inside Tulsa in 2008.  Jared began shooting VR photography (360-degree spherical) in 2002 while a student at ORU – where there were all kinds of crazy buildings to capture.

Currently, Jared executes all aspects of the business, from consulting and planning, to photography, processing, editing, and marketing the final results.  Jared’s skills include property photography, user interface design, web design, online presentations and training, video, independent film, immersive tour programming, and information design.  His interest in home design, tours, and floor plans began at the age of 5 while playing in construction sites.

Jared lives in Tulsa with his wife, Janice, and cat, Junior.

There are, of course, more people than just Jared helping out and advising Look Inside Tulsa.  We’ll let you know more about them as the business matures and they become more involved.