Look Inside Tulsa is a walk-through tour company that exists to do good things through offering services that help others do good things. We commit ourselves to radical giving, because bringing life to others is why we get up in the morning, and giving uncomfortably keeps our company efficient, focused on the main priorities, and it helps us meet people we would otherwise never have the joy of knowing.

The commitment to radical giving will not change, but its form and method may change over time. This year we are donating profits and employee time to helping the following organizations that are doing amazing things here in Tulsa and around the world:


Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans

This organization works for the abolition of modern slavery in Oklahoma, tackling all aspects of the issue: awareness, prevention, direct victim rehabilitation, law enforcement and community services training, and more.  Click here for more information and to donate or volunteer.


Favor of God Ministries

This organization based in Gulu, Uganda, works to fulfill the spiritual and humanitarian needs of people throughout northern Uganda and South Sudan.  From portable Bible schools, to running a Bible college, primary school, and orphanage, to ending Kony’s war through prayer, and bringing trauma counseling to 25,000 people – this ministry fights on the front lines because of their great love for God and people.  Click here for their latest annual report, or click here to donate.